Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Love of My Life

I love these pictures that my sister took. Shawn is the love of my life. Aren't we cute?

Monday, July 7, 2008

An Amazing Post

To all of you that look at this blog to see if anything has changed. It usually hasn't but I do love my children. I thought I would share a few pictures.

The lastest news is that Bradley is so funny. He makes us laugh everyday. Danielle is crawling with her toes (it started July 4th).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easter Time a Time of Reflection

Easter weekend our family was blessed to be able to go to Cortez, Colorado where Shawn is from and visit with his parents and sisters. All of his family was there and we celebrated Shawn's Dad's retirement party. A great time was had by all. Shawn and I left on Monday to come back to Rexburg. On Tuesday Anelle (Shawn's Mom) had knee surgery. The surgery went well and she was great when we found out Wednesday Night that she had passed away. (It must of been a blood clot and she did not suffer.) Shock is such a blessing which I believe we are still experiencing. She is now in Heaven with her son Travis and my son Landon. I know that she is happy and has a great work to do in heaven. She is missed here on earth but her joy must be great as she has moved on. As a testimony to all those who read this I do know that families are and can be forever and I am so thankful for that. What a blessing the gospel is and thank you to everyone who has supported our family in this time of need. Here are a few pictures of our time in Colorado.

Friday, February 29, 2008

My Children are so CUTE

Ok so I am so glad that parents think that their children are cute. I can't get over how well my sister did on taking pictures of my children. Here are a few of those pictures and also so pictures of Danielle with her cousins. Enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bradley Boy

Bradley is so much fun right now. He says the craziest things and keeps us on our toes. It is so true when they say if he is quiet he is up to no good. Well the cake experience was one of those. I walked into the kitchen and found him enjoying the rest of the cake. I hope that Bradley will always love to do dishes. He asks to help whenever I am doing them. Let's hope it will last. Then we have Brad wanting to be like Mom and put on mascara. Good thing I have good eye makeup remover. And who can't love his get up for riding his bike. If he could live on his bike he would. Bradley is hilarious and here are a few of his hilarious pictures.

The Beginning

This is the start of a beautiful experience. I am excited to share stories and pictures with all my family and friends. This will be a great journal.

To start I want to share pictures of Bradley and Danielle. Bradley wasn't so sure about "baby sister" at first but loves her now. I love my children and love to share pictures of them. This might help me take more and will help me to share with those I love. Enjoy and there will be more.